Patek Philippe 5712GR, 5724 “The King of Steel” is a stunning debut!

Super All-in-One Cal.240 PS IRM C LU. 265 parts, movement jewels of the same colour as the original pigeon blood 🩸, flat balance spring, 21,600 vibrations per hour Gyromax balance wheel with adjustable weights, stable and error-free. Ultra-thin shell cover, the thickness of the market at the same level first 0.95cm second only to the original thickness, the new correction of the stainless steel strap, the hinge part according to the real Patek Philippe Nautilus stainless steel strap disassembled and developed, and the genuine consistent fit effect, kill all copies on the market, the hinge open and close the angle and the same as the genuine, the same as the authentic locking sound and the same as the genuine. Grey Ghost” two sides are infinitely close to the original, but also proud of the group! Let us bring GRactory. the year of the tiger to create another brilliant.


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