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Q: “Crown” can not pull out the reason?

That’s because the “crown” with threaded jamming function, the principle of jamming is “crown” made a “nut”, just need to first counterclockwise rotation! After the “crown” is popped out, it is 0 gear (clockwise rotation is manual winding), in pulling out the 1st gear to adjust the date function, and the 2nd gear is to adjust the time function. After adjusting the time, turn the crown clockwise and push it in to lock it to avoid water ingress!

Q: How to adjust the time and date of the watch

Crown pull out 1 gear to adjust the date, the second gear to adjust the time (threads jammed need to be rotated out counterclockwise first)
Precautions for adjusting the watch:
1, in case of a watch with a screwed crown, do not pull it out hard, please first rotate counterclockwise to open the locked crown, and after adjusting the time, rotate the crown clockwise and push it into the lock, so as to avoid water ingress!
2, secondly, pay attention to the mechanical watch movement’s forbidden zone in the evening 21:00-4:00 a.m. During this period, it is not suitable for week and calendar adjustment, otherwise it will damage the movement.
3, in 21:00-3:00 between please do not adjust the time counterclockwise, because in this time period week, calendar gear in the switch, long time reverse direction adjustment will damage the internal parts, other time periods clockwise, counterclockwise can be freely adjusted.

Q: Why the date is not right

The date of the watch is 24 hours to jump a frame, the early hours of the morning did not jump, the next day at noon will jump, equal to the time is slowed down 12 hours, you need to manually turn the hour hand a circle on it, if the date jumped early, the first date to the previous day, in the way through the rotation of the time to make the date jump right.

Q: Error range of mechanical watches

According to the regulations of the watch industry, the daily error of the international standard mechanical watch is within the normal range of ±30 seconds, and our shipments will be sent out after the instrument detection, and generally can be controlled within 10 seconds.

Q: Mechanical watch error and quartz watch error?

Quartz watch error 24 hours error range control 0.5 seconds, very accurate.
Mechanical watch error range specifically depends on the quality of the movement.
Domestic ordinary mechanical error range 24 hours of error range control within 50 seconds, generally in 10 seconds to 20 seconds or so.
Seagull movement, Citizen movement, Swiss ETA movement, 24-hour error range are controlled within 30 seconds, generally in 10 seconds or so. Some friends just contact mechanical watch, a hear 24 hours have 30 seconds of error, that is not a week on the error of three and a half clock clock well, here we have to pay attention to the 24-hour error range within 30 seconds is normal, not absolutely every day error 30 seconds, there may be a day of error a few seconds, there may be a day of error more than a dozen seconds in 30 seconds belongs to the normal range. Yonghang Watch Industry will test the error and correct the error before shipment, and generally it can be controlled within 10 seconds.
The accuracy of the mechanical watch will mainly depend on the stability of the oscillation cycle of the balance spring, but the oscillation stability of the balance spring is affected by 5 factors:

1, the impact of the pendulum: the degree of elasticity of the clockwork will have a direct impact on the size of the balance amplitude, the more sufficient clockwork, the more accurate the relative walk, so in the usual use, the wrist activity less words, you can manually replenish the kinetic energy.
2, the impact of positional changes: the main positional changes are changes in the plane and vertical plane, the plane has 2 (surface up and surface down) vertical only counts 3 (they are: the watch handle down, the watch handle to the left, the watch handle up) the watch handle to the right in the normal wear will not happen, so that count up to a total of 5 positions, each position so that the balance of the watch balance wheel hairspring system oscillating cycle is affected by the size of the different impacts.
3, the impact of shock vibration: violent shock vibration also has an impact on the balance wheel vibration cycle, especially low pendulum state or low frequency mechanical watches.
4, the influence of magnetic field: many mechanical watch movement parts are steel, so it is easy to be magnetized.
5, the influence of temperature change: temperature change will make the balance wheel and hairspring geometry also change, every tiny change of these key components will directly affect the oscillation cycle.
6, mechanical watches have a 2-month break-in period, after the break-in period to know the real error, the error is large can be mailed back to free correction.
There are some other factors, the case is not sealed with moisture or dust into the watch, will also affect the accuracy of the watch.
In short, it is recommended to keep the mechanical watch winding relatively full if you want the mechanical watch to be accurate. Generally the watch plane should go better than the vertical surface, keep away from magnetic fields and water, and don’t fall.

Q: The difference between alligator strap and cowhide strap

Crocodile leather strap compared to cowhide appearance more shiny and full, but also more durable, soft, breathable, comfortable to wear, etc.

Q: How about Citizen 9015 movement?

9015 is the original Citizen movement, better than the seagull movement, performance is close to the Swiss ETA movement, many of the top of the market (imitation genuine movement) is mostly modified with Citizen 9015 movement, 9015 movement is the only drawback is that the sound is a little loud.

Q: Seagull movement how?

Seagull movement and Citizen movement is most commonly used in replica watches, Seagull movement is considered the best domestic movement, is imitation of Swiss ETA movement, so its appearance and design and Swiss movement is very cognizant of the earlier years of many merchants to Seagull movement watches said to be Swiss machine.
“Seagull” brand watches since its birth in 1955 has been 64 years of development history, the birthplace of China’s first mechanical watch, China’s largest mechanical watch and movement production base, with such a background, its movement is obvious to all, the quality is certainly not bad.

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