In order to better serve customers, infinityget after more than a dozen years, the entire service process in all aspects, such as pre-sale, after-sale, about the replica watches customers are most concerned about and most often asked some of the questions organized for everyone to see.

After reading it, we can basically have a clearer understanding of replica watches, so as to do less detours and avoid entering the pit. The article has a lot of infinityget service standards, so as to understand how we serve, welcome to supervise and put forward valuable opinions, we will continue to optimize the various service links, so that you have a satisfactory shopping experience.

Pre-sale Frequently Asked Questions

Q: is not genuine?

The products are all imitations, the price of zero, the quality of the counter, strictly selected high-quality replica, feel the experience of the genuine.

Q: Why are there tens of dollars to thousands of dollars for the same imitation watch?

There are hundreds of manufacturers producing imitation watches, the same watch will appear several manufacturers are producing, their workmanship will be different, the main differences are as follows

1: the difference in workmanship (detail processing, small factory simulation is low, a glance fake)
2: the difference in materials (such as steel, gold-plated process, leather, mirror, luminous effect, etc.)
3: the difference between the movement (Chinese domestic ordinary movement, seagull movement, Japan Citizen movement, Swiss movement)
4: assembly master skills, environment and process requirements, etc.

The above is not absolute, just may appear the difference, because the production of high imitation manufacturers are too many, as to make how the product, by their control, infinityget as a factory direct distributor will be selected from the high quality, reliable and simulation degree of cooperation with large factories, to ensure that you buy the top replica. The market is mixed, if you are a white man, please be sure to spend more time to compare the details, to avoid spending thousands of dollars to buy 100-200dollars of ground goods.

Q: How come there are so many sub $200 live streams on tiktok and other short video social media platforms that claim to be the best quality?

The mechanism of social media live streaming is the data of viewers’ stay, interaction, light tags, etc. The purpose of those under $200 live streaming rooms is to cheat viewers’ “data”, and after the “data” is done well, he will turn to the regular price of broadcasting. All those under $200 live broadcasts are just to cheat your “attention” and waste your time.

Q: Is it possible to buy 99$, 199$, 259$ watches that claim to be of the highest quality?

Can be sure that these are not ceilings, belong to the stall goods, 99 and 199 I have no idea what kind of goods they give, but I know that they 259 $ to give the quality of goods belong to more than ten years ago the process of goods, configuration is basically as follows: mineral mirror (a scratch on the flower, 304 steel or alloy case table, watch box strap work is very rough, the movement is contained in the plastic parts of the movement can not provide stable timekeeping), basically: mineral crystal (a scrape on the flowers, 304 steel or alloy case table, watch box strap very rough, movement is contained in plastic parts of the movement). Can not provide stable timekeeping), basically you can only play a few months, it is not recommended to start. There are a lot of watches that cost $100-$200 from other people, and after a few days of freshness, they come to us to get into the ceiling, because that kind of watch can’t be worn out at all, it’s purely a waste of money.

A good assembled watch has the most basic configuration requirements (such as grade 9 hardness sapphire mirror, just a mirror will cost about $50, plus stable movement, 316 steel material, fine polishing process), at least 300$ or more to be able to use.
You think of a logic, in the live claimed to be the “top quality”, from the beginning to deceive you, how do you still expect him to be able to honestly provide you with good pre-sale and after-sale service?
Speaking of this again, 90% of the live social media accounts are selling “powder”, that is, the live broadcast called you to add the WhatsApp account of the business and the live broadcast of the person is not the same “person”, the anchor sells “powder” to collect “powder”, the anchor of the “powder” to collect “powder”, the anchor of the “powder” to collect “powder”. The host sells the “powder” to the person who receives the “powder”, counting how much it costs a person. You imagine, you add to those you very much trust the anchor, the result is not his own, you will be how disappointed it, and how can provide a good service?

Q: Can the watch be seen as fake?

Now replica watches have been very mature, our website price is generally around 280$-690$ and above, the movement and workmanship are over the top, the general public can not see, do not have to worry about because it is a copy of the watch affects your life.

Q: Is the watch high imitation or replica?

High imitation, replica, A goods, super A, super clone, in fact, are people called out, there is no accurate definition, the market sells a few hundred dollars are said to be super A, replica, and even said that the genuine have, called what is not important, it is important that this watch you this price to buy value for money; infinityget strict selection of high-quality replica watches, will be as far as possible to select the simulation of a high degree of high cost-effective, after the review of the The quality of the products on the shelves to sell.

Q: How is the quality? How long will it last?

Will not be easy to break, how long can be used depends on personal care, just like a cell phone, cell phone can be used for how long, there are a few months, there are three or five years, how long can be used depends on personal care, normal use of 5 years or so no problem, the watch is mainly afraid of falling and water, pay attention to these two points on the very few problems, we provide three-year warranty on the movement, lifelong maintenance, what problems can contact us.
Quality is good, mainly to see the movement, movement quartz movement and mechanical movement.
Mechanical movement has a lot of quality, 100-200 U.S. dollars most of the domestic ordinary movement, the quality of domestic ordinary movement can only be said to be general, the price of about 300 U.S. dollars and above most of the seagull movement and Citizen movement, the two movements are recognized by the watch friends, after-sales rate is low, the seagull movement is the movement produced by China’s Tianjin seagull company is the largest and best movement production company, with a history of 60 years, the company has a history of 60 years, the company has a history of 60 years, the company has a history of 60 years, the company has a history of 60 years, the company has a history of 60 years. Company, with a history of 60 years, belongs to the imitation Swiss ETA movement, called by the market as Swiss machine, some businessmen say this as Swiss movement, the other is Citizen 9015 movement performance is close to the Swiss ETA movement, that is to say, the quality can be close to the quality of genuine Longines.
Quartz movement is mainly used in Japan quartz movement and Swiss quartz movement, their quality is very good, rarely appear quality problems.

Q: Is it good for gift giving?

We are equipped with the original box, invoices, manuals, certificates, hang tags, etc., the invoice price can be based on your requirements to you, you choose the right style, you can also look at yourself first, we know that the gift is appropriate or not, we are packaged with your satisfaction, dissatisfaction can be returned to us, we have a lot of old customers, long-term buy to give gifts, absolutely have face.

Q: Which manufacturer is the watch from?

We are honored to answer this question for you, about this problem we do the following 3 points of clarification
Firstly, almost all of our websites have the manufacturer marked, if it is not written, it is an unnamed factory (that is, it does not publish its own code name). There are hundreds of manufacturers producing imitation watches, not all manufacturers will introduce themselves as what factory.

Secondly, there are a large number of merchants in the market to the original is not a “big factory” products labeled as “big factory”, “big factory” to do a good job of the product, it is necessary to keep correcting the same style, so it is impossible to produce a lot of styles. In this case, it is impossible to produce a lot of styles (fish and bear’s paw can not be both), the market “big factory” we have been working together, the big factories in their own field of non-stop upgrading and transformation, such as the C factory, the BT factory, the APF factory, the N factory’s Rolex Aqua Ghost, the VS of the Omega Butterfly and the V7 V7 Universal Portofino, the JF of Audemars Piguet, AF The blue balloon of the factory, ZF’s Universal Portugieser 7, VS factory Panerai, etc. These “big factories” are considered to be the best of their kind, but they can not cover the production of all styles.
Third, the “big factory” is not absolutely good, “small factory” is not absolutely poor, are a penny a penny, good quality natural shipping expensive, we have to do is to find reliable quality and cost-effective products to you, value ≥ price is reasonable! The value ≥ price is reasonable.

Q: Which factory watch is good?

A: This depends on the style, take the AF factory Cartier and MK factory Longines, Longines Masterpiece is MK factory to do well, Cartier Blue Balloon is AF factory to do well, MK factory did not do Cartier Blue Balloon, AF factory did not do the Longines Masterpiece, each factory has its own advantages, the price of about 400 dollars and above the style is very good, INFINITYGET will be as far as possible on the market! The best products, if the market with the same models have appeared better, we will put the original off the shelves, INFINITYGET website is a real-time update, there is a simplest way, is to look at the price, the higher the price is relatively the better, INFINITYGET markups are real, a penny a penny.

Q: How about GD factory?

A: gd factory belongs to the middle of the manufacturers (in the middle), better than the stall goods, but worse than the ceiling, suitable for the budget is not particularly adequate for players to try to play first, to fake is not done.

Q: Why choose INFINITYGET?

INFINITYGET was founded in 2007, strict selection of high-quality replica watches, has been in the national replica watches industry has a good industry reputation and popularity, the mall in the sale of replica watches brand more than 10, each piece of the watch has been strictly selected on the shelves, for the replica watches knowledge to give an accurate answer, the customer orders will be shipped before the shipment will be in the strict detection of high quality replica watches after each performance sent out, the various The service links are constantly optimized to ensure that customers receive satisfactory replica watches.
The major factories important partners, large quantities at a good price; professional customer service to answer questions and solve problems, strict shipping standards; to provide 7 days no reason to return and exchange, 2 years movement warranty, mature and perfect after-sales experience. Before, during and after the sale can be guaranteed.

Q: What is the guarantee? Unsatisfied with how to do

All goods on our website are guaranteed to be photographed in kind, what you see is what you get, products out of the warehouse before we will carry out the first quality inspection to check the appearance of any defects and the quality of the movement is accurate, waterproof function test, whether there is a strange sound, whether the function is intact, out of the warehouse after the watch will come to our quality inspection studio, the quality inspection personnel will once again double-checked once again and for you to film the video of the opening of the box inspection for your careful inspection to confirm! We will ship only after you agree, we will carry out the last review before shipment to check the appearance of any defects and the quality of the movement, to ensure that you receive the goods without quality problems; we also support cash on delivery unpacking and inspection, satisfied with the payment, dissatisfied with the direct refusal to sign on the good. Watches provide 7 days no reason to return (except customized products), 2 years movement warranty.

Q: Help recommend the best styles you do (selection questions)

This is difficult to recommend, because there is no best, only better, penny for penny, we think the most expensive price is the best, but may not be your shopping intention, INFINITYGET think that what suits you is the best.

You can click on this website:

The link is the sales chart, the more the order of the former is the more we would like to recommend, workmanship, simulation, cost-effective, etc. are very good, are recognized by customers of the product, the site price tag as a whole is a penny a penny, the higher the price is relatively better.

If you are still not able to choose the favorite, you can tell us what price to imitate the watch, what brand, steel belt models or belt models and other information, so that we can better recommend to you.
The right way to choose a replica watch is introduced:

INFINITYGET gives you some suggestions.

1, choose a simple function (regardless of whether it is genuine or imitation, is the function of the more complex failure rate is higher, more gears, the probability of problems will naturally increase)
2, on the whole, the simpler the model, the higher the degree of simulation, because the simpler the fewer details, the fewer natural flaws
3, INFINITYGET products are strictly selected quality, simulation, cost-effective products on the shelves (do not do poor goods), the overall is a penny a penny, if you are expensive, will be expensive in the movement or process (the more complex, the greater the difficulty, the higher the process requirements, the higher the cost of imitation is naturally higher)
Summarize: if you pursue cost-effective and durable, as far as possible to choose the function and style of simple watches (more features are not necessarily poor, just relatively no function simple cost-effective); if you are a watch enthusiasts will naturally accept the complexity of the function of the imperfect (all products are this law), playing it this kind of “INFINITYGET will strictly test the watch movement and appearance of defects before shipment, and provide 2 years movement warranty and lifelong maintenance, pre-sale and after-sale can be guaranteed. Thank you for reading this, we will live up to your expectations.

Q: How to trade?

We don’t support website payment at the moment, we support Alibaba, Zelle; bank transfer, credit card, PayPal, Western Union, usdt, bitcoin and so on.
Cash on delivery requires you to pay a deposit of at least $100, depending on the value of the product you buy and the number of (customized products deposit amount is higher), after you pay the deposit, our products will be sent from the warehouse to our quality control studio, the goods to our quality control studio, we will have a video call with you or shoot a short video of the way for unpacking and inspection, you are satisfied to confirm that there is no error agree to ship the goods and then pay the balance, we will only ship, if you do not agree to ship, we will not ship the goods. We will ship the goods, if you are not satisfied with our 100$ deposit refunded in full, we will return the goods to the warehouse.

Q: Support for returns and exchanges?

If you are not satisfied with your watch after receiving it, we support 7 days return without any reason;
Return premise: watch steel band film is not torn, leather strap is not perforated, no scratches on the case; bags handheld, shoulder straps, back straps protective film do not tear, to ensure that it does not affect our secondary sales; such as the discovery of the problem the first time to notify us.

Note: Customized products do not support returns and exchanges (wrapped gold, crocodile leather strap, strengthened waterproof, etc.).
The watch can be checked after signing the receipt of the appearance of the first, to a good time manually on the 50 turns of the clockwork, to observe the day to go, to ensure that there is no error after not considering the return of the case, in the case of wear and use.

Q: Why do we need to charge a deposit for cash on delivery?

Because it is a cross-border transactions, our product categories are also more special (involving customs inspection and import and export issues), regardless of which country, the courier fee is very high, and this customer refuses to sign the cost is too large, too long, the courier company in addition to charging the courier fee will also increase some of the cost of collection of the payment of the goods, as well as parcels in the overseas warehouse warehousing fees and so on a series of, so any country we do not provide Cash on Delivery.
By cash on delivery we mean online cash on delivery, where we can check the quality of the product you are buying via online video/ or video call.
In order to avoid insincere customers randomly order, all products before shipment need to undergo a rigorous inspection of the appearance of defects, movement performance test, take physical photos and video you agree to our shipment, these need to be commissioner to spend time and effort, such as you are not satisfied with our products or services we can return the deposit in full to you.
Charging deposit also means that we at infinityget.com are willing to spend our time and energy on those customers who buy in good faith, making time more effective.

Q: After watching the inspection video is not satisfied with the deposit can be refunded?

A: online video inspection is not satisfied with the deposit can be refunded in full, will not charge you any fees, we bear the loss.

Q: Does Cash on Delivery support 7 days return after signing?

The same support 7 days no reason to return

7 days no reason to return the premise: the steel band film is not torn, leather strap is not perforated, no scratches on the case, the bag handheld, shoulder straps, the back strap of the protective film do not tear to ensure that it does not affect our secondary sales, in short, how to give you, how to protect it well. If you find problems, please inform us at the first time.
Note: Customized or modified products do not support the return and exchange (interceptor bracelet, wrapped gold, crocodile strap, enhanced waterproof)
After you receive the watch, you can first check the appearance and the right time, manually wind up 50 turns, observe a day to go, after confirming that there is no error, also do not consider the return of the case, you are wearing the use.
If you can not guarantee that the product can be successfully returned to us in China, please do not operate without authorization, we have not received the goods before the goods are lost or damaged, we are not responsible and can not be returned for you to deal with, it is recommended that you can carefully check the product through the online video before purchasing is what you want to avoid unnecessary trouble in the future.

Q: How long after the order is shipped?

Quality control first, speed second, watches need to undergo rigorous testing to ensure that the movement and the appearance of no defects to be sent out, under normal circumstances 2-3 days to send out the international courier 7-15 days to arrive (part of the country 3-7 days according to the flight situation does not make a hundred percent guarantee).
Note: except for customized products, for details, you can consult WhatsApp customer service!

Q: What express delivery?

Watches are sent by express delivery, FedEx, DHL, Royal Mail, etc. (special line is cheaper than express delivery and the time limit is relatively slow), leather goods and other goods are generally special line (you can contact WhatsApp customer service if you want to send express delivery).

Q: refund buyers need to bear the shipping costs?

You need to bear the return shipping cost.
If you can not guarantee that the product can be successfully returned to us in China, please do not operate without authorization, we have not received the goods before the goods are lost or damaged, we are not responsible for and can not be returned for you to deal with!
After-sales FAQ
After-sales service
We will provide you with a 2-year warranty for the movement.
Special Note: Case, buckle, strap, mirror, color fading, water ingress, etc. are not covered by the warranty. The watch only warranty movement of this industry practice, please know.
Not in the warranty scope we will also try to help deal with, such as the need to replace parts only charge the cost of parts.
After-sales process (how to warranty)
Contact our customer service to inform the problem situation, after communication to confirm, will give to the customer after-sales address.
After receiving the after-sales parts will first check to confirm the problem, such as larger problems will be returned to the factory to deal with.
The watch only provides 2 years movement warranty.
Not in the warranty scope such as: case, buckle, strap, mirror, fading, water, etc., such as the need to replace parts, only the cost of charging, will inform the cost.
After the repair, the after-sales team will be here to comprehensively test the performance of the watch, to confirm that there is no problem before returning to the customer.
After-sales shipping costs each bear half (return shipping costs as well as return shipping costs).

Q: How long does the after-sale time take?

If it is a small problem, without the need to return to the factory, usually in about 7 days.
If you need to return to the factory time will vary from 10-60 days, the speed with the number of manufacturers at the time of the after-sales, whether the accessories are complete and so on.
In order to better serve our customers, we will try our best to deal with small problems ourselves, we must return to the factory, we will also urge the factory every 3 days, we hope that customers will give understanding, patience.
Knowledge about replica watches

Q: “Crown” can not pull out the reason?

That’s because the “crown” with threaded jamming function, the principle of jamming is “crown” made a “nut”, just need to first counterclockwise rotation! After the “crown” is popped out, it is 0 gear (clockwise rotation is manual winding), in pulling out the 1st gear to adjust the date function, and the 2nd gear is to adjust the time function. After adjusting the time, turn the crown clockwise and push it in to lock it to avoid water ingress!
Q: How to adjust the time and date of the watch
Crown pull out 1 gear to adjust the date, the second gear to adjust the time (threads jammed need to be rotated out counterclockwise first)

Precautions for adjusting the watch:

1, in case of a watch with a screwed crown, do not pull it out hard, please first rotate counterclockwise to open the locked crown, and after adjusting the time, rotate the crown clockwise and push it into the lock, so as to avoid water ingress!
2, secondly, pay attention to the mechanical watch movement’s forbidden zone in the evening 21:00-4:00 a.m. During this period, it is not suitable for week and calendar adjustment, otherwise it will damage the movement.
3, in 21:00-3:00 between please do not adjust the time counterclockwise, because in this time period week, calendar gear in the switch, long time reverse direction adjustment will damage the internal parts, other time periods clockwise, counterclockwise can be freely adjusted.

Q: Why the date is not right

The date of the watch is 24 hours to jump a frame, the early hours of the morning did not jump, the next day at noon will jump, equal to the time is slowed down 12 hours, you need to manually turn the hour hand a circle on it, if the date jumped early, the first date to the previous day, in the way through the rotation of the time to make the date jump right.

Q: Error range of mechanical watches

According to the regulations of the watch industry, the daily error of the international standard mechanical watch is within the normal range of ±30 seconds, and our shipments will be sent out after the instrument detection, and generally can be controlled within 10 seconds.

Q: Mechanical watch error and quartz watch error?

Quartz watch error 24 hours error range control 0.5 seconds, very accurate.
Mechanical watch error range specifically depends on the quality of the movement.
Domestic ordinary mechanical error range 24 hours of error range control within 50 seconds, generally in 10 seconds to 20 seconds or so.
Seagull movement, Citizen movement, Swiss ETA movement, 24-hour error range are controlled within 30 seconds, generally in 10 seconds or so. Some friends just contact mechanical watch, a hear 24 hours have 30 seconds of error, that is not a week on the error of three and a half clock clock well, here we have to pay attention to the 24-hour error range within 30 seconds is normal, not absolutely every day error 30 seconds, there may be a day of error a few seconds, there may be a day of error more than a dozen seconds in 30 seconds belongs to the normal range. Yonghang Watch Industry will test the error and correct the error before shipment, and generally it can be controlled within 10 seconds.
The accuracy of the mechanical watch will mainly depend on the stability of the oscillation cycle of the balance spring, but the

oscillation stability of the balance spring is affected by 5 factors:

1, the impact of the pendulum: the degree of elasticity of the clockwork will have a direct impact on the size of the balance amplitude, the more sufficient clockwork, the more accurate the relative walk, so in the usual use, the wrist activity less words, you can manually replenish the kinetic energy.
2, the impact of positional changes: the main positional changes are changes in the plane and vertical plane, the plane has 2 (surface up and surface down) vertical only counts 3 (they are: the watch handle down, the watch handle to the left, the watch handle up) the watch handle to the right in the normal wear will not happen, so that count up to a total of 5 positions, each position so that the balance of the watch balance wheel hairspring system oscillating cycle is affected by the size of the different impacts.
3, the impact of shock vibration: violent shock vibration also has an impact on the balance wheel vibration cycle, especially low pendulum state or low frequency mechanical watches.
4, the influence of magnetic field: many mechanical watch movement parts are steel, so it is easy to be magnetized.
5, the influence of temperature change: temperature change will make the balance wheel and hairspring geometry also change, every tiny change of these key components will directly affect the oscillation cycle.
6, mechanical watches have a 2-month break-in period, after the break-in period to know the real error, the error is large can be mailed back to free correction.
There are some other factors, the case is not sealed with moisture or dust into the watch, will also affect the accuracy of the watch.
In short, it is recommended to keep the mechanical watch winding relatively full if you want the mechanical watch to be accurate. General watch plane to go better than the vertical, away from magnetic fields and water, do not fall.

Q: The difference between alligator strap and cowhide strap

Crocodile leather strap compared to cowhide appearance more shiny and full, but also more durable, soft, breathable, comfortable to wear, etc.

Q: How about Citizen 9015 movement?

9015 is the original Citizen movement, better than the seagull movement, performance is close to the Swiss ETA movement, many of the top of the market (imitation genuine movement) is mostly modified with Citizen 9015 movement, 9015 movement is the only drawback is that the sound is a little loud.

Q: Seagull movement how?

Seagull movement and Citizen movement is most commonly used in replica watches, Seagull movement is considered the best domestic movement, is imitation of Swiss ETA movement, so its appearance and design and Swiss movement is very cognizant of the earlier years of many merchants to Seagull movement watches said to be Swiss machine.
“Seagull” brand watches since its birth in 1955 has been 64 years of development history, the birthplace of China’s first mechanical watch, China’s largest mechanical watch and movement production base, with such a background, its movement is obvious to all, the quality is certainly not bad.

Q: Is the movement Swiss?

A: This is a headache, many businesses on the market do not move to say that their own is the Swiss movement, and then there are customers will say, others are Swiss movement, why is your not, and then I will be frozen there, not a sentence or two will answer, in the imitation of the watch market, a very small number of styles directly from the factory with a good Swiss movement, seagull movement is imitation of the Swiss movement, the market peer-to-peer exchanges seagull movement, some of the white sellers of the Swiss machine, and some of them have been sold in the market, but they have not been able to find a good Swiss machine. The Seagull movement is the imitation Swiss movement, in the market peer-to-peer communication to the Seagull movement, called Swiss machine, some white sellers do not understand themselves, and customers said that it is an imported Swiss movement.
Why manufacturers do not factory directly with Swiss movement, the main reason is the high cost, with Swiss movement styles are about 3000 and above, this price demand is low, manufacturers also need to pressure goods, not cost-effective, if you need Swiss movement, part of the styles can add money to you with the factory watch was originally equipped with the 2824, 2836 and 2892 these three models of movement can be Extra money with Swiss ETA movement (because only these three models of movement can be interchanged with Swiss movement, other models because the movement size is different, there is no way to interchange).
By the way, just said and its few manufacturers factory with Swiss movement, show that there are still, such as the Evergreen factory out of the package gold Rolex, KZ factory masterpiece, etc. are directly with good Swiss movement. Is not Swiss movement infinityget will be clearly stated, is that is, not is not, will not be second best.
About N factory
N factory is just one of the many large factories, not all styles are produced, the more famous is the water ghost, ghost king, Blancpain fifty seek, and Panerai 111, due to the N factory is relatively famous, many merchants are playing with the flag of the N factory to sell, on behalf of the goods of their family how good, what styles are said to be the N factory, just contact with imitation watch friends online search, everywhere is the N factory, only that the N factory is good, thus leading to more The businessmen said they are N factory, in fact, N factory did not do retail online, the production style is not much.
What’s more, there is no N factory official website, because those so-called official website a lot of selling is not N factory produced models, if it is the official website how can sell other manufacturers of products it, who has seen Adidas stores sell Nike it?

N factory has closed down in May 2021

How to use and care for chronograph watches

Timing method
The upper button of the watch is the chronograph start button/stop, and the lower one is the chronograph reset button
Step 1: Press the chronograph button to start the chronograph, the big second hand starts to move, the big second hand goes one turn, the minute counter goes one frame; the minute counter goes one turn, the hour counter goes one frame.
Step 2: When the chronograph button is pressed again, the chronograph stops and the scale indicated by the large second hand and the chronograph dial is the chronograph reading.
Step 3: After finishing the chronograph, press the zero reset button to reset the chronograph to zero.
Use of the chronograph
When operating the chronograph function, it is necessary to operate it according to the sequence of operation, i.e. the three steps mentioned above: start the chronograph – stop the chronograph – reset to zero. Especially for mechanical chronographs, do not operate the chronograph buttons too often, the start/stop button is usually harder than the zero button, especially for new watches, this is normal because mechanical watches have more gear parts. As long as the chronograph function is operated according to the regular sequence, it can reduce the wear and tear of the gears, lower the failure rate, and be conducive to the maintenance of the movement.
Avoid fierce collision, especially for mechanical chronographs, the more gear parts the higher the failure rate will be accordingly, which is proportional to the use of the chronograph function when most of the gear parts of the movement are running, and then if it is subject to a fierce collision, it is easy to dislocate the gears and cause failure.
It is recommended not to keep the chronograph in the state of chronograph, that is, not to keep the chronograph function on, because the chronograph does not chronograph when the big second hand stops not walking, so some people like to start the chronograph function after starting it in order to make the watch “walk up”, so that the big second hand keeps walking, which can also avoid others saying that the “watch stops”. This can also prevent people from saying “the table stops”, but in fact, this is not good, mechanical chronograph chronograph long-term open chronograph function will have an impact on the accuracy of timekeeping and clockwork energy output. The quartz chronograph should not keep the chronograph function on all the time, the big second and small second are two stepping motors respectively, and walking at the same time will be particularly power-consuming. The quartz chronograph can have a life of 3-4 years with normal use of the battery, but if the chronograph function is always on, the battery will run out of power in less than half a year.
Mechanical chronograph belongs to the complex function of mechanical watches, is one of the symbols of high-grade watches, usually mechanical chronograph are expensive, and only the chronograph big second hand will stop at 12 o’clock position, instead of those inexpensive no chronograph function of the multi-eye watch big second hand is always walking can’t be stopped, so the friends who really know the watch won’t start the chronograph in non-chronograph case, it will look like the watch is “cheap”. Therefore, friends who really know watches will not start the chronograph in non-chronograph situation, which will make the watch look “cheap”.
For other multi-function watches, please contact our customer service.

What is the difference between different movement models?

In addition to different functions, the main difference is the difference in performance, which refers to the stability of the movement, accuracy, after-sales rate, service life and other factors.
Replica watches commonly used movement performance from good to poor order:
1 [Swiss ETA2892
2 [Swiss ETA2836 and Swiss ETA2824].
3 [each brand corresponding to the integrated movement (specific look at the movement model)
4 [Citizen 9015, Citizen 9100 and Seagull 2892]]
5 [Seagull 2836 and Seagull 2824
6 [Shanghai 7750, Hangzhou 7750, Hangzhou 2824 and Hangzhou 2836]]
7 [Citizen 8215 and other series]
Parentheses belong to the same grade, it is difficult to distinguish the advantages and disadvantages.


1, replica watches factory with Swiss ETA movement and its less.
2, the above models are quality products, penny a penny basically can be reflected in the price.
3, there are some modified movement and customized movement variety is not good sort, modified movement depends on what movement modified, customized movement can only experience the test of time to know its performance, details need to consult infinityget customer service.

Is the watch waterproof?

All watches have waterproof ring, except for some professional diving watches, manufacturers do not do waterproof test, so we can not ensure that every watch can be waterproof, the vast majority of watches are waterproof, splash-proof, can not be put into the water, try not to contact with water in the process of use, if there are requirements for waterproofing, you can do to strengthen the waterproof need another +20 U.S. dollars, we will do for you after the strengthen Waterproof test and shoot a video to show you, you receive the watch please confirm the waterproof performance on the same day, when testing, please make sure that the crown in the innermost end, if it is a belt model watch is best to unload the belt test (because the belt is not suitable for contact with water), put the watch in the water for 1 minute to see under the first, if no water, you can put it in the water in the water in half an hour to make sure that it will not get into the water, if it gets into the water, please contact us the first time, receive the watch after 2 days, water will not be warranted (water will not be warranted). 2 days after receiving the watch into the water does not warranty (but can be mailed back for free to deal with water vapor, such as the need to re-enforce the waterproof need to be charged separately).


1, the watch waterproof good or bad mainly depends on the watch head sealing and waterproof ring compatibility, square, hollow and button more if the watch waterproof performance will be worse.
2, waterproof performance will be used at any time over time waterproof ring thermal expansion and contraction, waterproof performance decline, waterproof performance is also regarded as the maintenance of the watch category, can not guarantee that the future use of the water will never enter the water, all or the future use of the main love and care.
3, waterproof in good watches can not contact hot water and wear in the sauna, because the waterproof circle will heat expansion and contraction, accelerate aging.
4, genuine waterproof 200m watch, the counter staff is also recommended to avoid to avoid.
5, love and care, love and care.
Waterproof specifications, waterproof grade
Grade 1: 30-50 meters for daily waterproof (mark: 30M, 3ATM, 3BAR), can resist a small amount of hand wash face splash water and drizzle when falling rain, but pay attention to can not be too long.
Level 2: 100-200 meters (100M, 10ATM, 110BAR), can be used for swimming activities, but only for shallow swimming.
Level 3:300 meters and above (Marking: 300M, 30ATM, 30BAR), water sports or free diving is allowed.

Must know:

1, the waterproof grade of waterproof watches: for example, waterproof 30 meters, does not mean that it can be put underwater 30M, but the watch can withstand 3 atmospheres, and so on.
2、If the watch is in contact with water, it must be dried in time.
3, please do not use the watch in the bathroom and sauna, the way the waterproof rubber ring will be affected by the temperature expansion and contraction of the gap and accelerate the aging impact on the waterproof function of the watch.
4, the waterproof performance of the watch is not permanent, the watch may receive waterproof ring aging or accidental impact on the watch handle / case and affect the waterproof of the watch.

Use and Maintenance of Mechanical Watches

1 , first of all ~ to know ~ automatic watch is not like a perpetual motion machine ~ will be their own non-stop walking ~ but through the movement set up within the weight or similar structure ~ now generally common is the automatic tourbillon ~ through the hand movement to drive the automatic tourbillon to make above the force ~ so the automatic watch needs to be brought in the hand to ensure that it does not stop walking.
2 , get the watch when the watch is often not at work ~ this is because the watch has not been on enough string ~ so we need to make up the string ~ make up the string can be held in the hand ~ face the surface of the left and right shaking ~ can also be used to manually make up the string (in the case of the total lack of power, it is best to manually wind up 40 rounds of clockwork), directly clockwise rotation of the watch handle is manually wind up (with the threads of the crown of the jammed, you need to be unlocked first. (Method: counterclockwise crown rotation out), many white-collar sitting in the office often because of the lack of activities often may lead to night stop walking also need to make up the string.
3, the following need to adjust the calendar ~ first pull the watch handle out of a gear (lock handle to be unlocked first) down or up to the date of rotation, dual-calendar table is generally up and down respectively to adjust the date and week calendar ~ individual said that need to be adjusted through the key ~ Note: Try not to adjust the calendar on the table time from 8:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m. on the next day during the so-called calendar no-go area ~ can be dialed through the first time to the calendar no-go area to bypass! Then adjust the calendar ~ the watch will not recognize whether it is morning or evening so when the calendar jumps at noon, please dial the time 12 hours.
4, Adjust the time ~ pull out two gears ~ and then adjust the time ~ if there is no calendar watch ~ pull out a gear that is to adjust the time.
5, mechanical watches as precision mechanical instruments ~ use need to pay attention to do not bump ~ as far as possible away from the magnetic field ~ in accordance with the watch labeled waterproof level of use ~ no matter how many meters of waterproof watch as little as possible contact with water ~ may lead to premature aging of the waterproof ring.


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How long is the warranty on a watch?
“What is the warranty period for a watch?” / “Does the watch come with a lifetime warranty guarantee?” /”How long will the watch last?”

To ensure the accuracy and reliability of our timepieces, each watch undergoes a series of rigorous tests after assembly. infinityget.com’s rigorous quality control is backed by a worldwide five-year warranty.

How do I take care of my watch?
Related question:
“How do I take care of my watch?” / “How to clean a watch?” / “How do I clean my watch?”

An occasional wipe with a fiber cloth will help keep your watch shiny. You can also clean the case and metal bracelet occasionally with soapy water and a soft brush (not suitable for leather straps). If the watch has been in contact with seawater, it must be cleaned thoroughly to avoid salt or sand buildup. Before cleaning your watch, make sure that the crown is tightly screwed down to prevent water from seeping in.

Is it necessary to wind the watch?
Related question:
“How do I wind my watch?” / “How long can a watch run without being worn?” / “Why does the watch stop ticking?”

You do not need to wind your watch every day. The constant-action oscillating weight transfers energy to the watch when you swing your wrist every day, providing constant and steady power. If you take the watch off for a while, it has enough power in reserve to run for 70 hours, depending on the model. To wind the movement manually, loosen the crown to the winding position and turn it clockwise approximately 20 times. Remember to tighten the crown to ensure water resistance.

How do I set the time on my watch?
Related question:
“How do I change the time on my watch?” /”How do I set the time on my watch?” / “How do I change the time on my watch?”

You can set the time on your Rolex watch by unscrewing the crown and pulling it out to the second setting. The second hand will then stop in order to set the time accurately. Detailed user’s guides are available for each model and for each function, so please ask infinityget.com for a copy!

Does the watch have a battery?
Related question:
“Where can I find a battery for a wristwatch?” /”Does the watch need a battery to operate?” / “What kind of battery does the watch have?”

With a swing of the wrist, the watch’s built-in oscillating weight gently shakes, transmitting energy to the watch’s mainspring, which powers the Rolex. If you take the watch off for a while, it has enough power in reserve to run for about two days, depending on the model. Simply wind the movement manually and the watch is ready to go again.

Are all watches water resistant?
Related question:
“Can I wear a watch while swimming?” /”Can I wear my watch while bathing?” /”Can I wear my Rolex watch in salt water?” /”To what depths are Rolex watches suitable for diving?”

All Rolex Oyster Perpetual watches are water-resistant to a depth of at least 100 meters. The Perpetual 1908 is water-resistant to 50 meters. Some Oyster watches can withstand depths of 1,200 meters or even 3,900 meters. In order to maintain water resistance, the Oyster case needs to be properly sealed, forming a hermetic structure like a submarine hatch. When resetting the time, date or other functions, or winding the watch manually, it is essential to ensure that the crown is tightened securely until it cannot be turned. If the watch has been in contact with seawater, it must be thoroughly cleaned to avoid the accumulation of salt or sand.

Can I wear a Rolex watch while exercising?
Related question:
“Can I wear a Rolex watch while playing golf or tennis?” / “Can I wear my Rolex while working out?”

You can wear a Rolex watch while playing sports because the Rolex Oyster case always provides reliable shock protection for the movement. All Rolex Oyster Perpetual watches are water-resistant to at least 100 meters, and the Perpetual 1908 is also water-resistant to 50 meters.

Can Rolex watches withstand extremes such as snow, ice or cold?
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“Can I wear a Rolex watch while skiing?” / “Can I wear a Rolex watch when it snows?”

Rolex watches are built from the ground up to withstand the most demanding environments imaginable, whether it’s the depths of the ocean, the heights of a mountain, in mid-air or on a racetrack. Each watch is rigorously tested before it leaves the Manufacture to ensure that all Rolex creations live up to the expectations of the world.

What should I do if my Rolex watch is going too fast or too slow?
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“What should I do if my Rolex watch tells the wrong time?” /”Why does a Rolex watch run off time?” /”Why does a Rolex watch run too fast/slow?”

The “heart” of a Rolex watch varies according to the wearer’s lifestyle and actual usage. Please contact our WhatsApp Service Center, who can provide you with technical support advice on the various functions of your watch.

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