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A man who is famous for treating patients 24X7.

People from near and far come to Gadag to consult him, as many believe.

The film in the very first 15 minutes portrays the dark and heinous place these kids live in – Sahar is being constantly.

Others will tell you that the Magi were not temporal kings, but learned men. Their wealth was their knowledge.

In keeping with our slogan of Journalism with a Human Touch, what appealed to me most.

Writing if anyone will be willing to help a man for a raw talent such as his, Nikhil wrote on his Twitter handle, ‘’This is.

Naveen will be seen playing a young man just out of the college, with a discernible Telangana accent. We’re told the.

So when Swiggy delivery boy Vishal went about taking care of his deliveries, little did he know that one particular delivery.

As head of the elite Quds Force, Soleimani was effectively the second most powerful man in Iran and had a hand in managing.

‘Sheru, A Story of a Loving Dog’ review: The healing touch of Sheru – Labour of love Recalling Sheru’s almost healing presence, he says, it helped him take on any adversity that came his way.

Though done in line with international sense and sensibilities, it imposed a formal environment and lacked the Rajasthani.