A few months ago, Kama Sutra, a piece by artist Khadija Tanana, was removed from the Tetouan Centre of Modern Art. Kama Sutra.

Forget quitting sugar or losing weight – these New Year’s sex resolutions will.

allow you to clamber into positions that.

As with all sex positions, it’s better to experiment than to try to copy an illustration.

If spooning doesn’t feel.

Sex, snoring and endless loo paper: the gadget show catering for your every need – From the Kama Sutra bed that helps you try out new positions to a robot that brings you toilet roll, this year’s consumer.

Picture this, booking a room by the hour and texting your partner, “I’m waiting for you in Room 609 baby.

hurry” -.

Created by Simon Rich and Farley Katz, the book explores how the kids, the dishwasher, and other nuisances transform a couple.

His first move was to hire the right talent to occupy senior leadership positions. “It was difficult hiring top talent.

Five hundred years ago, Imam as-Suyuti authored a book on ″sexual movements″. That sounds like the Kama Sutra. Ghandour: Yes, he wrote several works on the theme of sex. Two of them are about.

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