A few months ago, Kama Sutra, a piece by artist Khadija Tanana, was removed from the Tetouan Centre of Modern Art. Kama Sutra.

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There’s also the Upanishads, the Brahma Sutras and a book called the Kama Sutra which was written by a Hindu monk.


Cultural Potpourri | Popularizing Japanese Ukiyo-e and Shunga Prints – It is also written that Shunga was used as a sex guide for inexperienced young men and women. Samples of Shunga prints given.

But that′s a modern phenomenon: people don′t want ambiguities nowadays. A few hundred years ago, differing opinions on sex were exchanged very freely. Five hundred years ago, Imam as-Suyuti authored a.

This dynamic around Tantric sex has got the regrettable result of rendering it appear.

I made the decision to master and do just as much by myself when I perhaps could, Kama Sutra be damned. We.

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