In one incident prescribed a doctor prescribed condoms to a woman for stomach ache.

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She made a memorable first impression on night one with Peter, screening him with a metal detector and planting a condom on.

Condom Market Size in India. For a category which at present is the most important need in a country where the population has crossed 125 crores, a penetration of 5% still presents a mind-boggling opportunity to the marketers across India.

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The USB Data Blocker also called as ‘USB condom’, is a device that allows you to charge safely from any USB charging.


Otherwise, you may get reinfected and require treatment again. In the long term, the best way to prevent oral syphilis is to.

Kate Robards on polyamory and how ‘love is love is love,’ except when it isn’t – A “CC” is a condom contract or a condom commitment.

Photo: Rex Lott, The Marsh Q: How was the possibility of polyamory.

I know that everyone says vitamin C serums are the Tom Hanks of skin care: lovable and reliable. But I don’t really get it.

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Best Selling Condom Brands To Buy In India 6. Durex Air Ultra Thin Condoms. The Durex Air Ultra Thin Condoms is one of the thinnest condoms, which offers better intimacy and sensitivity. There is no need to be worried; it is dermatologically tested to check strength and level of protection as well. Generally, it is fabricated of finest quality.

Is The Pull-Out Method A Reliable Form Of Birth Control? Experts Say Not So Much – Stacey adds that if you’re unsure of which birth control works best for your body, trying out different kinds can be helpful.

Keep in mind: “This is probably not the time for deep throating, as that’s best for slow, controlled, and mindful sex.


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Contraceptives are the drugs or devices which not only inhibit pregnancy but also sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). In addition to this, contraception is deliberate prevention of pregnancy by.